Bee and Wasp Control Bathurst

The aim of bee and wasp control is to destroy the nest.

In some cases, attempting to destroy a nest becomes a greater health risk than simply tolerating and avoiding it. But nests, especially those of social species, should be destroyed if they are close enough to humans to pose a stinging threat.

The nests of bees, wasps, and hornets should always be approached with caution, and should be attended to by a pest management professional.

The homeowner must realise that Honey bee nests contain honey that should ideally be removed after the bees are eliminated because it will rot and could attract secondary pests. (Delta Force and most other pest management firms do not perform this service).

Also, be mindful that nests may be located several metres away from the point at which the bees or wasps are entering the structure. Simply applying pesticides into the entrance holes may not always be sufficient. It may be necessary to drill into the structure to enable injection of pesticides directly into the nest.

Entrance holes should never be plugged, even after treatment, because the bees or wasps will look for other ways to get out of the nest and have been known to chew their way into living quarters, endangering persons inside.