Spider Pest Control in Bathurst Lithgow and Oberon

Spider Control

Spiders are possibly one of the most feared and disliked creatures in Australia.

Spiders can be divided into two main groups:

  •  Webbing Spiders
  •  Hunting Spiders

Webbing Spiders

When young spiderlings disperse from the parent web, they produce a strand of silk which is carried by the wind and builds its web wherever it lands. Most common household spiders spin their webs around windows, gutters, doors, clothes lines, and indoors near cornices and skirting boards.

Simply removing the spider’s webbing material will not eliminate the spider population. Chemical management of webbing spiders is most effective and involves sprays that target the spider directly whilst eliminating or reducing their food supply (insects) in the infested area. Webbing spiders tend to drag their abdomens whilst they crawl, thus making contact with the dried chemical and continuing to die long after the treatment has been carried out.

Hunting Spiders

This group of spiders make their home under leaf litter, in trees, in burrows, and/or in garden areas. These spiders either hunt down or lie in wait to ambush their prey. Hunting Spiders love to dine on Webbing Spiders!!!

Chemical barrier treatments will not stop hunting spiders from entering a house as they normally do not make contact with a chemical once it has dried on the surface. This is because they do not drag their abdomens when they crawl, they have very tuff pads on their feet, and they never groom themselves.

Most hunting spiders normally go somewhere else after a chemical treatment has been carried out as their favourite food (webbing spiders) have been decimated.

Need Help Identifying Spiders?

Check our spider chart below which helps you identify common spiders around your area.